Author: Gatuiri

Sauces, Salads and Dips

Beet and Feta Kale Salad

Show me a bigger salad lover than I? I’m waiting. I absolutely love salads. The different textures and flavours at play just make me so happy. I learnt of an online business that sells organically grown vegetables and I bought some supplies from them. I got the curly kale and beets from them. As soon […]


Simple Oxtail Ragu

One of my favourite ways to enjoy oxtail is by making this very hearty ragu. It requires just a handful of ingredients and the results are simply amazing. Just as the name suggests oxtail is a cut of meat from the tail of cattle. By nature, oxtail is a tough cut of meat which is […]


Homemade Vanilla Extract

A friend was in Zanzibar back in August and I managed to send her for some vanilla bean pods. Vanilla is one of most expensive spice in the world. Locally it’s pretty hard to come by and costs so much more. To make the most of the vanilla bean pods it best to make vanilla […]


Savoury Oats Two Ways

I love oats and to imagine prior to 2020 I wasn’t eating oats. I would enjoy them in muesli, granola and oatmeal cookies but never on their own. Hilarious! These days oats are a pantry staple in my home. They are the perfect base for just about anything whether you choose to enjoy them sweet […]