Author: Gatuiri

Cheesy Arugula Rolex

Rolex is a popular food in Uganda. It’s basically an omelette and veggies wrapped with a chapati. From my little research the name rolex is a play on rolled eggs.  


Egg and Arugula Sandwich

Happy New Month! I’m excited for December mainly because I’ve challenged myself to share videos and blogposts every weekday leading up to Christmas Day. What makes the perfect sandwich? I feel every single ingredient in a sandwich plays a role in making it perfect. From the toasted bread which acts […]


Lemon Loaf

Looking for the perfect cake to accompany your hot beverage? Well look no further, this lemon loaf is the perfect tea/ coffee cake. Rich and flavourful, drenched in lemon syrup and topped off with some glaze. This is the ideal cake for when you couldn’t be bothered to make frosting […]


Basic Vanilla Cake

A basic vanilla cake recipe is a necessity in any baker’s arsenal, whether hobbyist or professional. It serves as a base for many other flavours. From just a vanilla cake recipe you can add different essences or ingredients to yield a totally different cake. Addition of some lemon zest and […]


Red Velvet Madness

Red velvet is one of those cake flavours that is sort of misunderstood and thus liked and disliked in equal measure. For starters, red velvet cake is a mild chocolate cake, yep. Why the red colour?  


How to: Making Cream Cheese at Home

Don’t you just love the taste of cream cheese glaze on some fresh raspberry cinnamon rolls? I know I do. Truth is , cream cheese is a bit pricey and in as much as I love it, spending lots of cash every time I wanted some wasn’t ideal for me. […]