Chocolate Banana Pops

Keeping with the Adventurous cook club challenges, this time round a quick and easy dessert recipe, chocolate banana pops.
This recipe was inspired by some pins I saw on pinterest.

Only a handful of ingredients needed.


Of course no dessert is complete without chocolate 🙂

The banana pops are made of actual ripe but firm bananas. Slice then into 3 inch thick slices and stick a toothpick, popsicle stick or wooden skewer at the centre of the banana. Pop them in the freezer for at least 2 hours.


Once the bananas are frozen, we can prepare the chocolate.

Roughly chop the chocolate and melt it either using a microwave or a double boiler.


I used the double boiler method.

bananapops4 bananapops5

Once the chocolate is melted, coat the bananas with the chocolate and pile on the toppings.


You can go crazy with the toppings, I used sprinkles and chopped almonds.



You can either serve immediately or pop them back in the freezer for later.


Chocolate Banana Pops

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  • 3 ripe and firm bananas
  • Dark chocolate
  • Sprinkles
  • Almonds
  • Toothpicks/ popsicle sticks or wooden sticks


Slice the bananas into 3 inch thick slices and insert a toothpick/popsicle stick or wooden skewer.

Place them on a parchement covered plate and freeze for two hours or until the bananas are frozen.

Once frozen, prepare the chocolate dipping sauce.

Melt the chocolate using a microwave or double boiler.

Dip each banana pop in the melted chocolate and sprinkle over the desired toppings.

Serve and Enjoy.



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