Samsung Blogger Challenge

Samsung is in search of the Ultimate blogger.The Samsung Blogger Challenge will run from August to December 2014. Samsung will have various weekly missions for selected bloggers to carry out.

Food bloggers kick start the challenge for this month. Great news is Leo tunapika? is also among the selected blogs 🙂


There will be various weekly missions that we’ll be required to complete. Samsung has provided the selected bloggers with their Samsung microwave oven that will be used for the missions.


This week’s mission: Create 2 recipes that remind me of a tasty sunrise.
So now my dear readers, if Leo tunapika? successfully carries out all the missions for the month and the judges love our recipes, we might just be crowned the blogger of the month and do you know what that means? Samsung will give me one microwave oven to gift one of YOU! Sounds cool?
The blog needs your participation. Feel free to give me recipes suggestions on interpreting the weekly missions. Use the hashtags #samsungbloggerchallenge and #samsungleotunapika to give your suggestions.

On the plus side, we’ll get to explore and learn recipes that one can make with just the microwave oven.

Let’s do this.

Leo tunapika?



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