Sunday Brunch at The Intercontinental Hotel

For most people Sunday is family day and what better way to enjoy family time than to bond over good food. If you are anything like me, perhaps you’ve been busy cooking the other days of the week so a break is more than needed and in comes Sunday brunch.

A couple of weeks ago I was invited to the Intercontinental Hotel for their Sunday Brunch at the Terrace Restaurant. I was happy to go since it would the first ‘outing’ with the hubby after the baby.

Brunch, a combination of breakfast and lunch is usually eaten during the late morning and can extend to the afternoon. The Intercontinental hotel has been holding their Sunday brunch for several years now.

They have several sections laid out from the salad bar to the cold starters.

the salad bar
the salad bar

I enjoy salads and the fact that you can make your own and drizzle over your favourite dressing is even better.

how cute is this rack?
how cute is this rack?
my salad
my salad

The great thing about buffet service is that you get to choose what you like and that makes eating out even more exciting.

They generally offer two soups . This particular Sunday they had cream of cauliflower soup and spicy salmon broth. The cream of cauliflower soup was hearty and filling. My husband tried the salmon broth and for sure they weren’t kidding when they said it was spicy. I had been skeptical of it but it was actually ok, especially when accompanied by bread.


Their bread corner.


All the pastries and breads are made at the hotel thus you can be guaranteed of their freshness.

True to the Kenyan love for nyama choma, they also have a barbecue section which serves from lamb sausages to quail meat. I have to mention that the lamb sausages were divine, perfectly spiced. The lamb sausages are sourced from a farm in Njoro. The quail was delicious not far from the taste of chicken. The quail legs are so dainty and tiny reminded me of chicken  wings.


What I loved about their array of food is that it will cater for almost if not everyone in a family . Foods from ugali to traditional greens, to vegetarian options.

For lovers of Indian cuisine like me they also have an Indian corner complete with naan, chicken  curry and some vegetarian curries. I had the chicken curry with naan. I loved the curry though I felt the naan was missing something maybe it was because  it was not warm.

Prefer your food cooked as you watch? There is also a live cooking station.

No meal is complete without some dessert. Dainty pieces of cake from red velvet to black forest to some warm chocolate pudding . Mousse and cheese cakes laid out intricately and of course for the health conscious an array of tropical fruits. I absolutely loved the chocolate pudding.

In general, we enjoyed our afternoon and for sure I had to loosen my belt from all the eating.

For entertainment, they have a band that plays there every Sunday, plus for the children there are bouncing castles to keep them entertained. The Terrace restaurant borders the swimming pool thus you can take a relaxed swim, might I add that their pool is heated.

Over the holidays they also change up the menu a bit to incorporate fun foods like burgers for the children.



Adults: Kshs 3300 pp

Children above 6 years: Kshs 1650

Children below 6 years: Free

Time: Noon – 4 pm

I would like to thank the management of The Intercontinental Hotel for having my family and I over. We enjoyed ourselves.

Disclaimer: The Brunch was courtesy of The Intercontinental Hotel, however all the views and opinions are mine.




  1. Hi Gatuiri. So am looking for the chocolate pudding recipe by Intercontinental hotel. I was there yesterday and had the chocolate pudding and up to now I can’t stop thinking about it. Please help a sister! Or I will go nuts with my cravings!


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