Mango and Tree Tomato Smoothie

A while back my loving mother in law sent my husband with some tree tomatoes/ tamarillos (matunda ya damu) . I had a mango that didn’t seem sweet and since I had some vanilla yoghurt in the fridge I decided to make a smoothie. Well with my excitement of inventing a smoothie I forgot to take photos.

So last week as I was doing my grocery shopping I saw some tree tomatoes on sale and I just had to buy.


1 ripe mango, peeled and diced

3 tree tomatoes

400ml vanilla yoghurt

In a blender add in the mangoes.

mango and yoghurt

I should mention, hubby was making the smoothie as per my directions as I was busy doing other chores, (multi tasker). So hubby dearest had even forgotten about the tree tomatoes, luckily I was quick to ask if he had added them 🙂

tree tomatoes

When making smoothies with tree tomatoes, I prefer using vanilla yoghurt, just for the sole purpose of colour change.

The colour splash is just amazing

Blend for 2 minutes and voila.

Chill in the fridge.

Smoothies are also great as a quick breakfast.



If I could do it over again:

Reduce the number of tree tomatoes to 2 or even 1 the taste completely overshadowed the mango… oh well, still tasted great.

PS. I forgot to mention, I had some strawberries that looked a bit lifeless so I asked hubby to throw them in.

So it should be strawberry, mango and tree tomato smoothie.



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