Hey foodies, We are two!!!! Just to say a quick thank you to YOU, yes YOU. Thank you for reading, commenting , liking, sharing and trying the recipes. The second year, has been better than the first, we became a dotcom and not to forget the nomination in the BAKE […]

BAKE Awards

Happy May foodies? First, thank you all for your votes for the BAKE awards, the blog came in second. Here is a pic of my friend Rachael and I. She runs a travel blog Safari 254 which won in the Best Travel Blog Category.

Life Lately

Hey food lovers? I know I’ve been a bit MIA, things have been rather hectic with school meaning that I’ve also been doing very minimal cooking 🙁 All in all, I’ve been feeling all your love, through the new follows, the comments, emails and likes. I am very humbled. Despite […]

We are One

http://mutuamatheka.co.ke/downloads/wallpaper-monday-145-we-are-one/ The words echoing in our hearts. We are One, in the midst of adversity we choose to stand in one accord. We thank the Lord for delivering us. For all who’ve lost their loved ones, we pray for comfort and peace. For the victims, May the Lord’s peace be […]

Giveaway Winner

Wow!! Thanks for your amazing responses. It was very humbling to read of the many recipes you have tried out. Great to know of the many foodies out there. Now, for the winner…. The magic bowl with the many names. I got hubby dearest to pick out our dear winner. […]

Foodie Pen Pals: April

My foodie pen pal for the month of April was none other than Cici of Foodie in the desert and the brain behind the Foodie pen pal programme in Kenya. Due to various circumstances we did our deliveries much later into the month. As usual, I got some new and […]

Foodie Pen pals: March

Hey foodies, I have definitely missed blogging and I’m sure some of you were wondering where I had disappeared to, well worry no more, I’m back. I have been busy with school and end of semester exams, so my cooking has been on the minimum. For the times I cook, […]

Foodie Pen pals plus more

Hey food lovers, Well today’s post  doesn’t have a recipe…I apologise but not to worry it’s something exciting that involves making friends and of course food :-). I believe you have seen my previous post on this but allow me to repeat it. My fellow foodie blogger Cici thought of implementing […]