Foodie Pen pals: March

Hey foodies,

I have definitely missed blogging and I’m sure some of you were wondering where I had disappeared to, well worry no more, I’m back. I have been busy with school and end of semester exams, so my cooking has been on the minimum. For the times I cook, I’m always in a rush so I end up not taking photos. As per the title this post is long over due. Last month my foodie pen pal was a sweet lady by the name, Swabra.

She sent over a lovely package full of interesting goodies. She also wrote a letter and attached some recipes, some I’ve tried others I’m yet to.


Cardamon seeds, Tamarind (ukwaju), coconut milk, beef curry mix, rice flour, and pretzel mix. She also sent over some penne from Cafe Deli along Moi Avenue.

meat curry
meat curry

I used the curry mix for some beef and served with ugali. It was very delicious. I think the next time I’m at the supermarket I’ll buy a sachet or two.


The rice flour and the coconut milk are for preparing rice porridge, yeah you read right. I am yet to try the recipe out. I think I’ll prepare this for breakfast this coming Wednesday.


The tamarinds, are for making juice or dips for bhajias. I already made the dip for some bhajias I had cooked. Goodness, it was delicious. I’ll be posting her recipe soon.


As for the pretzel/jilebi mix, it’s on my to do list.

For sure, foodie pen pals has exposed me to very new things that I would not normally buy and for that I’m grateful. I love discovering new dishes and thanks Swabra for the new recipes.

For more information about the foodie pen pal programme and how you can participate, visit here.



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