Chicken and Potato Bake

There are times I just want to put everything in a baking dish put it in the oven and proceed to do our things. This recipe fits the bill. It’s not your quick meal but can be great to prepare when you have guests and have several things to whip up.

I’ve made this quite a number of times and it never disappoints. The taste of roasted onions and bell peppers add the perfect flavours.

You just need a handful of ingredients.


one pot1

Start by cutting up the vegetables.

Cut the potatoes into eighths.

one pot2

Grease your baking/ roasting dish with some olive oil.

one pot4

Cut the bell peppers into chunks.

one pot5

In the baking dish, add the potato.

one pot6

Add the bell peppers and carrot chunks.

one pot7

Quarter the onions and add them in. Season with salt and black pepper. Then combine the vegetables to coat them in the oil and seasoning.

 one pot8

Finally lay the chicken on top of the vegetables.

one pot9

Now for the flavour, take one rosemary sprig remove the leaves and chop them up.

one pot10

 one pot11

Sprinkle the rosemary leaves over the chicken and veggies.

one pot12

Drizzle some little oil over the kitchen. In a pre heated oven bake at 225 degrees C for 1 hour 15 minutes. In case you are using a wider baking dish, the baking time will slightly reduce.

After 45 minutes check on the dish and flip the chicken pieces. Once done, let it rest for 5 minutes and serve.

one pot13

 one pot14

 Enjoy with some green salad.

one pot15



  1. Your recipes seem sooo easy. Glad I landed on your blog. Def trying this one this week – kwanza with no help. Hallelujah for simple time saving recipes. Thanks for sharing

  2. this looks so yummy, just one question though why sprinkle the kitchen with oil before putting the ingredients in the oven?

    • Hey Lydia,

      I sprinkled to oil my dish plus after adding the ingredients, I tossed them in that oil.

      Alternatively, you can add everything then sprinkle with oil.

  3. Ever since I tried this recipe back in 2014 , I’ve always come back to look for it and other recipes. After a long while , i was like i needed something different so as i searched for this post i was literally praying that it was still on here… Thank you for keeping all this content for us 🥰


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