Banana and Tree Tomato Smoothie

I enjoy smoothies, not only are they healthy but pretty easy to whip up. An additional benefit is that you can quickly make one for a quick breakfast.

Sometime last week the hubs brought some tree tomatoes and turns out I had some frozen bananas and yoghurt on hand. Whenever I spot a banana that is almost crossing the line from ripe to overly ripe I usually put it in the freezer to use later for smoothies, pancakes or cakes. 

Anyway, so I made the smoothie and the colour pop was quite a surprise, I had expected a red shade but the purple was a lovely surprise.

Just like all smoothies, this is equally easy to make. In the blender toss all the ingredients and within a minute or so a delicious and filling smoothie.

Whenever I use flavoured yoghurt like vanilla or strawberry I never sweeten the smoothies. However when  I use plain I sweeten accordingly.


I read somewhere that when making stuff in the blender it’s always advisable to start with the liquids.

So start with the yoghurt then add the sliced bananas and the tree tomato pulp and fruit.



Blend away.

Serve and enjoy.

Best served chilled.


Easy, quick and delicious.

Banana and tree tomato smoothie


Banana and Tree Tomato Smoothie

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  • 2 very ripe bananas, peeled and sliced
  • 5 small tree tomatoes
  • 300 ml vanilla yoghurt


In a blender pour in the yoghurt.

Add the sliced bananas and the fruit and pulp of the tree tomatoes.

Blend until smooth.

Serve chilled and enjoy.



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