Organic Foods Kenya #GoOrganic

Happy new month food enthusiasts.

This month Leo tunapika? is collaborating with Organic foods Kenya.

Look forward to weekly recipes using produce grown organically here in our lovely country Kenya. We will also engage in weekly giveaways where you can get a basket of organic produce delivered right to your doorstep or office.

Details of the giveaway will follow.

For starters, let’s get to know about Organic foods.


The best insurance for your health is what you eat!

Organic Foods is an organic retail business that has been established to market high quality certified fresh and value added organic products, produced at its private farm – Kijiwa organic farm and in collaboration with other certified organic farmers across the region both individual and groups. These products are organically grown and absolutely free of artificial fertilisers, chemicals, pesticides and are Non GMO.



Organic Foods runs a door to door delivery service that allows customers to make online orders for direct deliveries to their homes or place of business. The one unique feature of our online service is that it allows you to custom make your own basket from the selection we offer you. We understand that food choices are very personal.


Benefits of eating organically grown foods.

Food safety:

Eating organic foods means that you avoid ingesting any toxic residues and saves you from the negative effects of the chemicals that are used to protect crops from pests and diseases.

Wholesome Nutrition:

Organic foods contain more Polyphenols -micro nutrients that have beneficial effects assisting our bodies to fight cancerous cells.

Authentic taste

Safeguard the environment:

The methods used in organic crop cultivation safeguards the air and our water from any pollutants and contaminants.

Benefits of Organic Agriculture:

  • Food safety and security

  • Recycling economies
  • Traceability of products
  • Environmental cost
  • Better energy conservation and reduction of carbon dioxide and toxic chemicals

Benefits of our service:

  • Certified Organic Produce
  • Organic produce delivered everyday fresh.
  • Home/Office delivery.
  • You create an account with us and we keep up with your orders and deliveries.
  • On-going feedback for improved service.
  • You can let us know what you want us to grow for you.




  1. I love organic foods but I dont know how to get my kids to enioy it too.hope the recipes will be kids friendly as they will be healthy


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