Return of the Lunchbox

This week’s Samsung blogger challenge required us to create two recipes that were reminiscent of the lunchbox, hence the return of the lunchbox. I was inspired to make quick recipes, a snack for break time and a quick fix for lunch.

As I was thinking of what to make, I remembered how my father used to bring us crisps and peanuts that we used to carry for break while at school. I figured I would make crisps and not just plain crisps but salt and vinegar.

The recipe is pretty fast in the case of plain salted crisps, however, if making salt and vinegar it will take a bit of time but it’s worthwhile.

I used three potatoes.


Using a food processor or mandoline or a very sharp knife. Slice the potatoes thinly. This will ensure the crisps are crispy.


Now the time consuming step. Soak the potato slices in white vinegar for at least two hours. Yeah, quite some time but it will ensure the flavour is on point.

If you are pressed for time you can skip this step and just salt the potato slices and microwave them as they are.


Once soaked, arrange the potato slices on a surface covered with some grease proof paper or paper towel and pat dry.


Grease a microwave safe plate.


Arrange the potato slices around the plate avoid the centre. The reason to avoid the centre is that, when I was trying out the recipe I realised that the centre crisp cooked way faster than the rest and thus overcooked (read burned).

Season with salt and in the microwave they go.

Microwave the potatoes on power 900W for 4 minutes or until lightly browned.


Repeat the procedure for all the potato slices.

Always remember to use oven mittens when handling utensils from the microwave to avoid getting burned.

Salt and vinegar crisps!



Now for our quick lunch fix.

Sometimes a loaded sandwich is the perfect idea for a simple yet filling lunch.

I made a chicken, bacon and avocado sandwich.

I started with the chicken. I used boneless chicken breasts which I sliced thinly. Slice the chicken when it’s somewhere between  frozen and thawed that way the slicing is pretty easy.



At times the breast part of the chicken can be bland so I often prefer marinating it to add flavour, this time was no different.

I just used the ingredients I had on hand. A quarter cup of buttermilk, one tablespoon paprika, 1 tablespoon dried parsley, salt and black pepper to taste. All went in a shallow bowl.


Stir it together and soak the chicken slices.



Marinate for at least thirty minutes. Once marinated, we are ready to cook these babies.

Thankfully my friend Brendah was around as I was making this and she really assisted with the photography, thanks B.

For the chicken, I used the combination cooking of the microwave. Combination cooking is whereby cooking is done by both the microwaves and by the grill. I used the microwave’s manual as a guide.

Start by arranging the chicken on the grill rack. Ensure the chicken are in a single layer.


I cooked the chicken on combi at power 300W for four minutes and thirty seconds on each side.

To avoid the spills from messing up the turntable in the microwave, I placed a microwave safe plate in the microwave to catch all the drippings.



Even the chicken has ‘grill marks’. Awesome.

The next thing is the bacon.

On a microwave safe plate, arrange the bacon slices and microwave at power 900W for 3 minutes.



I didn’t have cheese on  hand but I had some avocado so I figured I’d use that as my spread for the sandwich.


In a bowl, roughly mash the avocado together with juice of half a lemon. Not only does the lemon stop the avocado from oxidising it also adds some nice tangy flavour.

Finally toasting the bread. As usual I prefer brown bread.

On the grill rack arrange the slices and grill for 3 minutes on each side.

Now the fun part, assembling the sandwich.

Spread the yummy avocado on the bread. Don’t be shy to go all out. Avocado has the good kind of fat 🙂


The chicken cutlets.


Pile on the bacon.


Cover with the other slice , cut the sandwiches and we are ready to dig in.



Great thing is, you can enjoy this as a cold sandwich.

Not only is the sandwich filling but it’ s also tasty.

Pack one for lunch and enjoy.





  1. My dear!! This is awesome! Looks so yummy!! I’m not a sandwich person but I would totally eat this one. And I loooove the avocado spread. Keep it up!!

  2. This looks so yummy, oh my goodness…I totally love sandwiches and you definitely nailed it. Good job @leotunapika!

  3. This looks so delicious, great job must try recipe and you sure did bring memories of school lunch sandwiches

  4. hey, quick question, what if you don’t want to cook using a microwave?what is an alternative cooking method?


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