Easy as …

Since I’m a working wife, at times I wake up pretty late and in a hurry so I never get time to prepare elaborate breakfasts. On such occasions the sandwich maker is my best friend. It was no different on Tuesday morning, getting out of bed was a struggle plus I was nursing a cold *sniff sniff*. I even felt like skipping work but I fought the urge.

I thought of just applying peanut butter on the bread but on opening the fridge, I found some leftover veggies so I decided to make sandwiches.

The ingredients are pretty easy, slices of bread and whatever veggies you have left over.

the veggies from the previous night

Then apply on the bread

Then place them in the sandwich maker.

There you have it, easy breakfast, no fuss.

breakfast is served


Pretty crunchy and tasty, though I think I’ll apply margarine on the bread next time at least for the bread to be a bit moist.

What do you prepare for breakfast when in rush to beat time?



    • That is also a quick fix. Personally I’m not a big fan of plain margarine on my bread, so honey or some marmalade will do.


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