Pineapple Peel Tea

Did you know you can make tea with pineapple peels?

Now you know. A few months ago I learnt of this epic tea and since then we’ve bought more pineapples in the last three months than we’ve ever bought in a year.

This tea isn’t a new thing, it’s actually popular in the Carribbean, particularly Jamaica. Pineapple peels are brewed together with other aromatics to yield a very delicious tea.

Why pineapple peels? Pineapples are rich in bromelain which has anti inflammatory effects. Coupled with high vitamin C and aiding with digestion, this tea is the real tea 🙂

For the tea, you need to ensure you thoroughly clean the pineapple. Use a cleaning brush. If you can use organically grown pineapples.

Ginger is also added to the tea. I’ve seen recipes that also add turmeric. I love adding cinnamon sticks and cloves.

After cleaning the pineapple, peel it. I don’t use the ends. Then add the peels to a sufuria.

For the ginger, slice on a bias and slightly pound and add to the mix.

Then throw in the cinnamon and cloves and enough water to cover everything.

Bring the tea to a boil over high heat then reduce the heat and simmer the tea for 45 minutes to an hour.

When done, sieve the tea and enjoy as is or sweeten with honey or simple syrup.

For the simple syrup, add equal parts water and sugar to a sauce pan and stir or swirl until the sugar is dissolved. And voila, simple syrup.

You can also add mint leaves or even lemongrass to the tea as it brews.

When serving you can also squeeze in some lemon or orange juice.

My friend loves adding a dash of cayenne pepper.

Whether hot or cold, this pineapple peel tea is definitely worth a try.



  1. I always use the pineapple peels to make some juice and my kids love it more than the normal pineapple fruit. I normally prepare a lot and we have it in the fridge for 1 week. I will try the tea

  2. This sounds amazing! It always feels so wasteful throwing the pineapple peel away. I’ll definitely try this soon!
    Thank you 🙂


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