Simple Tiramisu

In no way am I claiming that this recipe is authentic, however it is the perfect dupe for some delicious tiramisu.For the month of August I’ve challenged myself to a Bakeathon. I plan on making a different dessert, pastry, cake etc on every weekday.I’m not one for rules and routines and I’m eager to push my limits and learn a few new recipes along the way.For the first day, I made some peanut butter cookies using a recipe I got off Pinterest.Tiramisu is one of those classic desserts I’ve always wanted to make but was quite scared to do so. The classic recipe even involves eggs :DThe first time wasn’t so successful as my heavy cream didn’t whip as I wanted and I also didn’t work with room temperature marscapone cheese. Having learnt from my mistakes, today I set off to make the classic dessert.I should add that making this will cost you a pretty penny, from the marscapone to the lady finger biscuits. However, the result is totally worth it and perfect for a special occasion.My first substitution was using instant coffee instead of espresso.Start with making the coffee then let it cool off.For the marscapone filling. I started by whipping my whipped cream to soft peaks. I opted out of using heavy cream and worked with the whip topping ( available at leading supermarkets)Once at soft peaks incorporate the room temperature marscapone and combine. I used my mixer to combine the two.And now we are ready to assemble.Start by dipping the lady fingers in the coffee for about two seconds. So in and out. Then lay them out on your dish. I used a dish.Then add a layer of the marscapone filling, followed by another layer of the coffee dipped lady fingers.Add the final layer of the marscapone filling.The waiting game begins. Put it in the fridge to set for 6-8 hours or overnight for best results.When ready to serve,sift over some cocoa powder, slice and enjoy.Delicious.The only thing I’d do different is let it rest overnight for the filling to set completely.For a kick you can add some liquor to the coffee.


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