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I am back at work and I usually carry lunch, but today I decided to try out something different. I had earlier seen reviews of ki.chen from Facebook and I figured I could try them out. The rider bringing my order was running late and I received a message from their office informing me that the food would be late.


Dee ordered fruit salad, Horace had swahili coconut chicken curry and I had the ultimate BLT.


I’ll start with the fruit salad, which was mostly watermelon with pieces of pineapple, one strawberry and two grapes garnished with some mint leaves. The fruits were fresh well except the strawberry.
They should  work on increasing the portions, maybe more pineapples or an additional strawberry.
Would Dee order the fruit salad again? No

The swahili coconut chicken curry was lovely and exactly as described in their menu. It was served with lemon and coriander rice. Horace is such a picky eater and the mere fact that he finished the meal serves as a huge compliment. The portion was generous.

The coconut curry was delicious, Dee and I endorse that statement.
Would Horace order the curry again? Yes


The ultimate BLT was ok, the highlight being the multi grain bread. If you are looking for something light for lunch it’s ideal. I ended up eating the food I had carried for lunch.
Would I order it again? Probably not

I would recommend if ordering from them, get the hot dishes, the food is delicious and the portions are pretty neat. Get your colleagues to order with you so that you can split the delivery costs.
Maybe they should consider waiving the delivery costs for orders above a certain amount, say 1000/=
For everyday lunch at the office, the prices are a bit high (plus you have to factor in the delivery cost) however you can choose to spoil yourself once in a while.


Anyone else tried the ki.chen, what were your thoughts?

Let me know of other food delivery services, I would love to review more.


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