Creamy Mashed Potatoes

My friend Dee told me of mouth watering mashed potatoes that she had at Cafe Brasserie at the Village Market. Her exact words were that with every spoonful the mashed potatoes melt in your mouth. I’m yet to visit the place to second her sentiments so for now I’ll stick to perfecting my own recipe.

When it comes to mashed potatoes, I’m never in the search of perfection but after my convo with Dee I got inspired to put more effort in my cooking and it definitely paid off.


Potatoes, peeled, washed and cubed

3 bay leaves

Cold Water

Margarine/ Butter – I used margarine


Salt and pepper to taste


I chose to cube the potatoes so they cook faster, more evenly and make the mashing process a bit easier. The other trick when making mashed potatoes is using cold water so that as the water warms the potatoes are also cooking.

In a sufuria add the potatoes, water and the bay leaves. Season with the salt and pepper.

The amount of water should almost be at the same level as the potatoes. Cover and let the potatoes cook until they flake easily when pierced with a fork.


Once cooked, remove the bay leaves and drain the water.


Mash your heart out, well not your heart but the potatoes.


Now to the exciting part. To make the potatoes fluffy and creamy is adding milk and butter/ margarine and mashing them in. The quantity of both is not standard as it would depend on how you want them. The main idea is to ensure the milk is warm and so is the butter that way the potatoes aren’t shocked if they were cold, make sense?

Ensure to add the milk in very small portions of about a tablespoon, the idea is get creamy mashed potatoes not potato soup 🙂


After achieving the desired result taste for seasoning and adjust accordingly.


Serve immediately with some beef stew and veggies.



Creamy? check

Fluffy? check

Melting moments? Almost there.

Variations: To add some oomph into the mashed potatoes you can add some sliced spring onions or some bacon. You can even grate over some cheese 🙂



  1. First time here. In the process of making a one-month meal plan for my family. (previously I have had one week but it gets monotonous) I will definitely add this.

    Art Caffe have the best creamy mashed potatoes I know of. And Osteria.

    Your menus look simple and manageable. Consider sharing sample meal plans. I have Googled as I am trying to come up with mine but I only find those with American dishes…

    Good stuff!

    • Welcome Mrs.Mwiti we love New readers. Thanks. Meal planning something I’ve thought of but never effected, I’ll definitely take action soon and share out some samples.

  2. I haven’t had mashed potatoes in a minute! Thanks to you I will be making some this weekend:) those village market ones your friend had were probably mashed with cream (sour, double, single etc) and a potato masher to give it that smoothness or maybe even a food processor. Now that you spoke of cheese, bacon and spring onions, next time make a loaded baked potato salad with those ingredients and a few more just Google the recipe if you don’t already have it;)

    • Sounds yummy I’ll try it out. I love potatoes. As for the mashed she asked for their recipe, they said milk and buttet in the potatoes and yes they use a processor. I didn’t try it out of laziness of doing many dishes.

  3. that dish looks soooooo delicious and i like how you have served it with Brocs; amazing…i mash my potatoes with butter, makes it really smooth.
    Why dont we start a talk show about cooking tips and healthy serving tips. #Tafakari

  4. Ina garten of barefoot contessa said secret to creamy mashed potatoes is to add cream.then you can mix with a mixer…to make it fluffy!! yum yum


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