Breakfast on the run

You’ve woken up late and you need to take breakfast. So what to do?

Make some cereal!

This will take less than five minutes to put together. I can guarantee that.


Cereal – I used weetabix. This recipe can apply for cornflakes or muesli or whatever cereal you have on hand.

1 cup milk – apparently cereal is taken with cold milk, I prefer my milk warm so I normally warm it up in the microwave for 2 minutes

1 ripe banana

1 strawberry – optional

the main ingredient
the main ingredient

In a cereal bowl, add in your cereal.

banana, strawberry and weetabix
banana, strawberry and weetabix

Add in the sliced banana and strawberry.


Finally add in the milk.


Eat up, you are late for work.

PS: I don’t add sugar to my bowl of cereal plus the fruits act as the sweetener.

Quick and nutritious breakfast. Yum!!!



      • strawberries make my teeth EXTRA sensitive.its just a nightmare eating anything else after that.urgh, hate that feeling. Nuts can be interesting but sasa what kinda nuts and where can i get them? im totally clueless when it comes to these things

        • woiyee pole sana. I see how eating them can be a hustle. As for the nuts to use in the cereal, you are free to use whatever you have on hand. I have tried with peanuts and it was good.


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