Chocolate Ganache

I was charged with the great task of baking a cake for a friend’s bridal shower. Boy was I nervous, I kept asking myself, will they love it? Will they compare my cake to previous cakes? Oh well, I took the challenge. I decided to make my chocolate banana cake.

Since, the cake was for a big event, I needed to do what I don’t really like and know, frost/ice it. I searched around Dr. Google and landed on a recipe for ganache. It looked pretty simple to do.


300ml double cream

300gms chocolate chips (dark/semi-sweet) (you can but dark chocolate and cut it into chunks)

150ml Double cream

In a sufuria, bring the double cream to a boil.


As the double cream is coming to a boil, put the chocolate chips in a bowl.

I used chocolate chips

Once boiled, pour the cream over the chocolate chips and let the mixture stand for 3 minutes.

oops, shadow in the photo

Using a spatula or spoon, gently stir the mixture.

Initial stages of stirring.

After some minutes of gentle stirring.

shiny, glossy ganache

Since it’s a bit runny and not to mention warm, let it cool on the counter overnight. Remember to cover with some cling film.

In the morning it will be more firm and one can easy spread on the cake. If you want it to be more solid, put it in the fridge.

Next I’ll post the cake plus ganache, that is if I can locate the photos.

Tip: The double cream and chocolate quantities should be 50/50.



  1. lovely….you could also try 1 cup approximately 240 ml of double cream and 225g of chocolate….a big bar of chocolate is best..cheaper than the chocolate chips by far!!!


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