Some evening two weeks ago as we alighted the bus on our way home it hit me that I had nothing to prepare. I was in the search of some broccoli but our local grocer only had cauliflower. I have never prepared cauliflower but I guessed it just the same as cooking broccoli, after all they are the same shape just different colours 🙂

Since I had some carrots in the house, I thought of a vegetable stir fry.


2 medium sized heads of cauliflower

4 medium sized carrots chunked

1 onion sliced

Salt and black pepper to taste

Dried herbs – oregano

Oil for frying

Start by cutting the cauliflower florets

the veggies

In a sufuria, fry the onions season with salt and black pepper.


Once the onions are tender add the veggies.

add the dried herbs

Cook until al dente

Serve over rice or pasta.

Dinner 🙂


Definitely tastes different from broccoli.

Hubby liked it.

If i could do it all over again:

Add some broccoli, more colour and flavour



  1. you have an amazing hubby i say so coz my brothers do not eat a meal bila meats/fish/chicken feel sorry for their future wives lol


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