Scrambled Omelette?

We love having eggs for breakfast, generally because not only are they yummy but you can almost have anything with them.

Last Saturday, I woke up feeling pretty dandy and thought of making a heavy omelette with sausages and all.

frying the sausages


4 eggs

1 tomato diced

1/2 bell pepper (hoho) diced

3 sausages fried

1/4 teaspoon of salt

1/2 teaspoon black pepper

Oil for frying

Break the eggs in a bowl and add the salt and black pepper

Initially I had decided on 3 eggs…

Add the diced tomato and bell pepper into the bowl

At this point the sausages were already fried, so removed them from the pan and placed them on a plate lined with paper towel to soak in any excess oil and then diced them.

I used the same pan as the one I had fried the sausages in, though I reduced the oil.
I then combined everything.
At this point, hubby was of the opinion that the eggs were few and that’s how I added an extra egg and into the pan the mixture went.

Since the omelette is loaded with yummy stuff, I gave it some time in order for it to cook evenly, let’s say 5 minutes give or take 2.

look at how the sides have been raised: yummy

I’m no maestro when in it comes to turning anything be it eggs, pancakes you name it well except chapati, so I got hubby dearest ‘egg turner’ extraordinaire to do the dirty work.

hubby showing his eggs turning skills 🙂

Oh well, I think it was the flash of the camera that scared him since the egg didn’t turn quite well…

Here is the result

well in the war of egg turning, you win some and you lose some, hi hi hi

I think the 5 minutes give or take wasn’t enough since some parts of the omelette were runny and we don’t like runny eggs part of the reason it will take a while before I try and egg’s benedict recipe.

Finally the preparation was done and we were ready to dive.

Hubby has some ginger tea with this while I had a glass of cold milk (my precious)

Drum rolls: the scrambled omelette


Pretty tasty omellete, the sausages add a very delicious twist to it. In case you don’t have sausages you can try putting some chopped up brawn (very tasty) or even bacon.

If I could it over again:

Add more black pepper I didn’t quite taste it O-o



  1. nice! I know it was yummy! I wish my husband had “turning skills” for me to employ! LOL!

  2. i wil def try this one luks yummy n i kno hubby wil luv it n hopefully help in the turnin hehehe


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