Beef Stir Fry with Matoke

The same day I made matoke I decided to make some beef stir fry to serve as an accompaniment.


1/4 kg beef cut into strips

4 carrots cut lengthwise into thin strips

1 bell pepper cut lengthwise

1 onion sliced


Black pepper

½ teaspoon of dried rosemary leaves

2 teaspoons of vegetable oil for frying

The trick in getting the perfect strips with the beef is to cut it while it’s still a bit cold. I had removed my meat like 20 minutes prior and I’d left it to thaw slowly on the kitchen table.

the beef strips

Heat the oil in a pan then toss in your onions, then add your salt and black pepper.

I normally don’t fry beef, since I find it to be pretty fatty by itself but since I was stir frying, I thought why not.

 Once the onions are tender, throw in the strips of beef and stir (yep stir fry) to mix it with the onion yumminess.

on to the pan

Let the strips cook for about 20 minutes stirring every 5 minutes to avoid them sticking onto the pan.The beef cooks even faster than normal since

the strips are thin.

Once it’s almost done add the remaining ingredients not forgetting the dried rosemary leaves. Stir once more then let them cook for about 5

minutes. I like when my carrots are crunchy but in case you like them tender you can cook for longer.

don’t you just love it when the food has such rich colours, yum yum

And just like that you have a scrumptious meal



I’m known to go a bit crazy when it comes to spicing the food and fortunately or unfortunately the black pepper was a bit too much in the matoke. Still loved it though. Hubby had been hesitant to eat the matoke, so he served a small portion at first (test run I guess).

He later heaped his plate (happy wife).

 The carrots were crunchy and the beef was full rosemary and black pepper goodness :-).

If I could do it over again:

 Reduce the amount of salt in the beef (told you, I go a bit crazy when seasoning is involved) O-o.

How do you cook your bananas?



  1. Good one on the beef strips! I’ve never thought about cutting while still cold.

    My Mother made matoke very often while I was growing up. She mixed in potatoes and sweet potatoes, and stewed with beef stock, tomatoes, onions and grated carrots. It’s yum! I could eat it everyday but my husband doesn’t like matoke (-_-)

  2. for sure i dont like matoke but this one was very yummy, thanks to my lovely & innovative wife


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