Diner En Blanc – Nairobi

Heard of the hush hush invite only event happening in Nairobi on 5th December?

Well, here I am with the low down.


unnamedEstablished over 25 years ago in Paris, Diner en Blanc (Dinner in white) is coming to Nairobi. This will be the second time this event is happening in Africa.

Last year, Kigali hosted the event.

The main idea, is to have an elegant picnic, guests come dressed in only white, set up their tables and enjoy a full course dinner (starter, entree and dessert) and of course pop some bubbly.

In other cities like Paris, guests bring their own tables and chairs, however the Nairobi one has been  tailor made to suit our needs. Guests will only be needed to bring their crockery, table decor, table cloth and napkins which should all be in white. One is allowed coloured flowers đŸ™‚

Guests can also bring their own meals (full course) and a drink (wine or champagne). Alternatively one can pre order a meal.

You might be wondering where the dinner will be held, well surprise surprise the venue is a surprise! To make it the more exciting the venue is revealed a few minutes before the guests set off.

Another exciting thing, since the venue is a secret, guests arrive by chartered buses. There are several pick up points where guests assemble and head off to the event together.


If you are learning of this event now, well worry not you still have time to register and join in the fun.

To register, visit here.

The amount caters for the facilitation of the event (transport and table and chairs) and some goes to membership that way you can attend any other Diner en Blanc event in the world.

See you there.




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