Huge Announcement

Hey lovely people?


I have some huge news, well remember my post on the Cake Festival?

Guess who will be showcasing at the event? Yeah, you guessed right, yours truly 🙂

My brother, Sam, and I will be showcasing as home bakers! Yippee!

I know you may wonder why I’m giving this information this late but it’s because my spontaneous self decided to do it pretty last minute. Actually the hubby had earlier suggested I showcase but I shot down the idea. However, when my brother who is also my partner in the baking business suggested, I figured why not! Just like that, we will be at the event with our home baked goodies.

In case you intend to attend the event, do pass by our stand and we promise to stuff you will lots of sweet goodies. Our stand will be labelled Sweettooth Delights and decorated in green (my favourite colour) red.

Not only will we be dishing out lots of cake, but you will get to assist us in decorating some cakes, so get ready to get messy. We also aim to show a few tips and tricks for decorating cakes at home.

Remember to bring along your sweet tooth!






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