Quail Eggs Frenzy

If you are in Kenya and are yet to hear of quail eggs then you must be living under a rock :-D. Anyway so I decided to get on the quail egg bandwagon and I’m sure most of you must be curious to see what is inside those speckled tiny egg shells.

I would love to say I went out and bought the quail eggs but I didn’t 🙁 I was gifted by my friend Bliss. In case you are wondering, this is not a recipe post, I just wanted to tell y’all out there that quail eggs taste just like chicken eggs.

speckled beauties
speckled beauties

Comparison between the quail egg and the chicken egg.


I fried up three quail eggs with some salt and black pepper.

just like a chicken egg albeit smaller
just like a chicken egg albeit smaller



I served mine with some tomato slices and two streaks of bacon.


Verdict: If someone cooked you a quail egg and masqueraded it as a chicken egg, there’s no way you’d tell the difference. So go forth and eat quail eggs. Ha!


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