Brawn and Onion Sandwich

I have had some beef brawn in the freezer for quite a while and to be honest I’d gotten tired of the usual brawn sandwich. A few Fridays ago, I woke up pretty psyched to make breakfast and all I had was some bread, honey, the brawn and onions. After posting the end result on Facebook and Instagram I received several requests on how I made it. A lady even chatted me up on whatsapp regarding the recipe 🙂 . Naturally I had to make the sandwich again.

The sandwich is pretty easy to make and doesn’t take much time. Normally the beef brawn comes ready to eat, it’s just that I decided on heating it up a little bit. For this recipe I highly recommend you use sweet bread in order to get the perfect contrasts of both sweet and savoury.


4 slices of bread – I used brown bread

4 slices beef brawn cut into bite size pieces

1 medium sized onion cut into half moon slices


Cheese – I used cheddar

Oil for frying

Serves 2

In a pan heat about half a tablespoon of vegetable oil and then add in the onions.


The onions should cook down until translucent.


Now add in the brawn. You just want it to get some heat.



In the meantime spread some honey on two slices of the bread.


Remove the brawn and onion from the heat.

Now to assemble the sandwich.

On each honey spread slice pile on the brawn and onion mixture.




Now grate over the cheese.


Cover with the other slice of bread, cut the sandwich diagonally, serve and enjoy.


The combination of sweet and savoury was perfect, the taste was slightly different from the first time since I used brown bread.

Kudos to whoever said we should take breakfast as Kings.









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