How to: Breadcrumbs

Making breadcrumbs is pretty easy and there are various ways of doing so.

Essentially all you need is bread.


3 slices brown bread

Tools/ Equipment:

Rolling pin

Ziploc bag

Start by drying the bread, you go about this in these different ways;

    • Drying out the bread on a plate – this requires some time so you’ll need to be patient
    • Toasting the bread using a toaster or drying it in the sandwich maker
    • Microwaving the bread uncovered for 1 minute 30 seconds

I microwaved my bread.

DSCN5404Once the bread is dried out, break it off into pieces.

DSCN5406Now to grind the bread. You can either use a food processor / blender’s spice mill to grind the bread pieces or put the bread pieces in a ziploc bag then using a rolling pin grind the bread.

You can either grind to a coarse or fine texture. I like mine coarse.

Voila! Breadcrumbs.

DSCN5410Now you are ready to make your fish fingers 🙂



  1. I like fresh breadcrumbs for mince meat and toasted ones for deep frying. I usually just blitz mine in a food chopper. So easy and ready in seconds!!!


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