Cinnamon Chapatis :-)

To say my husband loves chapatis would be an understatement. I think he can even eat them daily.

So sometime last week, actually Wednesday, as we were on our way to visit my mum, we passed by those vibandas (road side kiosks) that make and sell chapatis and this is the conversation that ensued between hubby and I.

Hubby: I think I’ll learn how to make chapos

Me: (all perplexed) Why?

Hubby: Because at this rate, I’ll never get to eat them.

(It had been like 3 weeks since I last cooked them)

Me: Oh… (I burst out in laughter) I promise I’ll make them tomorrow.

Hubby: I won’t keep my hope highs

Me: When did I ever promise you something and I defaulted?

Hubby:…………… (silent)

So after that interesting conversation and my promise, I had to cook chapatis, no matter what. Luckily that Thursday we arrived home early. Funny thing is that hubby had already forgotten that I had promised to make chapatis O-o.


2 cups all purpose flour

1/4 teaspoon 1 tablespoon ground cinnamon

1/4 salt

3 tablespoons vegetable oil

1/3 cup 1 cup warm water


Wooden spoon

Rolling pin

Wide surfaced pan- preferably cast iron

Board/ Clean surface

First to make the chapati dough.

In a bowl, pour in all the dry ingredients.

how to make chapatis_leotunapika
flour,salt and cinnamon

Make a well in the flour then pour in the warm water.

how to make chapatis_leotunapikaMix with a wooden spoon, till the flour gets combined.

how to make chapatis_leotunapika
Add in the 3 tbsps of oil.

Once the dough get a bit formed, start using your hands. If it’s too sticky add some little flour. Knead the dough, for about 5-10 minutes. Form it into a ball.

how to make chapatis_leotunapika
The mixing should be almost clean if not totally.

Lightly brush the dough with some oil, about a tablespoon then let it sit for a while. Mine rested for about 15 minutes. The oil on the surface with prevent it from drying/flaking while resting. I also go an extra mile and cover with a polythene bag.

how to make chapatis_leotunapika
The chapati dough

Form the dough into almost fist sized round balls. Place on a well floured surface to avoid sticking.

how to make chapatis_leotunapika
My dough made 13 chapos

Now we begin the real work Well if it were my mother preparing these, she’d just roll them out and cook, she’s a pro like that. I use the longer method, which she taught me. *Thanks mum*

First roll out the small ball of dough, apply about 1/2 teaspoon of oil. Then roll it up.

how to make chapatis_leotunapika
Step 1: Roll it out
how to make chapatis_leotunapika
Step 2: Apply the oil
how to make chapatis_leotunapika
Step 3: Roll it
how to make chapatis_leotunapika
After rolling it in
how to make chapatis_leotunapika
Step 4: Fold the rolled in dough.

Repeat this process for all the small balls. It may seem a little time consuming but I guarantee it’s worth every second. This step will ensure that the chapatis have the beautiful layers as you eat. Next time, I’ll show you a time saving trick 🙂 *watch this space*

how to make chapatis_leotunapika
15 minutes later…

Now, we are ready to cook. Heat your skillet/cast iron pan. Don’t grease it.

Now take one ball, roll it out again. This time try and stick to the circular shape, no one likes rectagular chapatis. Also remember to lightly dust your surface/board with some light flour to keep it form sticking, also dust the rolling pin.

how to make chapatis_leotunapika
Ready to be cooked

In the pan, place the raw chapati.

how to make chapatis_leotunapika
In it goes

Rotate it to ensure it cooks evenly. It will sort of rise in some place, press to remove the air. Once one side is lightly browned, turn it.

how to make chapatis_leotunapika
Almost cooked.

Now, using a spoon, pour about 1/2 tablespoon of oil under the chapati, then rotate it. Once that side is cooked, turn and finish off the other side. Using the same spoon lightly press down the chapati and rotate.

how to make chapatis_leotunapika
Lifting to oil

Do the same for all the round balls. There is also another trick, though in my opinion it takes more or less the same time as this. I’ll share next time.

Voila, cinnamon chapatis.

how to make chapatis_leotunapika
Soft layered chapatis, full of cinnamon goodness.


Super soft. The layers were just perfect. Delicious.

Let’s just say, hubby was extremely happy.

We had guests over, the lovely Murigis and they loved them.

PS: I apologise for the poor picture quality, my camera is currently spoiled so I’m using my phone.



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