Krismas Kikapu


KSh 3,500.00

This limited edition hamper is just what you need for yourself or your foodie loved one. The Krismas Kikapu features products from some of my favourite made in Kenya businesses.

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The goodies include;

  • Chocolate chip cookie mix: With just the addition of melted butter, egg and vanilla essence you are well on your way to enjoy freshly baked cookies. Mix made by Gatuiri of Leo tunapika? Yields 15 large cookies.
  • Tamarind Jam and Paste from Umai Organic: The jam is perfect on toasted bread as is or in sandwiches. The paste can be used in meals like the Ukwaju masala fries in the book. 150 grams each.
  • Kui’s Granola by Kui’s Kitchen: Can be enjoyed with milk or yoghurt for breakfast or as a light meal. Net 200 grams
  • Sweet Chilli Sauce by Mama Muthoni Foods: Perfect as a dip or to coat grilled meats like chicken wings. Net 250 grams
  • Dried hibiscus flowers: Steep a few flowers in some hot water with ginger slices and enjoy hot or cold with your preferred sweetener. Net 50 grams
  • The Little Veggie Cookbook: A collection or easy and delicious vegetarian recipes for the curious cook. Perfect for meat lovers and vegetarians alike.

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